Making Center Fall 2020 and Covid-19 Updates

Fall 2020

Updated October 12, 2020

Thank you for visiting the Making Center Fall 2020 and Covid-19 updates page. For New School wide updates see The Year Ahead.

Making Center Updates and TNS Guidelines

    • Many MC spaces are open, with adjusted availability, for the Fall 2020 semester.
    • Technical staff are available for remote consultation regarding many making processes.
    • Students will be limited to one building for reserving space in Fall
            • Students will be unable to move between buildings to access different making spaces, so please select your building carefully
            • As much as possible, redundant equipment will be offered in multiple buildings
    • Please read and follow access requirements and protocols carefully to ensure safe use of the Making Center for everyone.

Access Requirements

    • Priority access will be given to students in their final year of study in making based programs.
            • All BFA, MFA, and M.ARCH programs, as well as the AAS Interior Design and Fashion Design programs.
    • For all MC resources except Tool Check Out, students must have completed required orientations in previous semesters and already be authorized to use equipment.
            • Given distancing requirements, orientations will not be offered in the Fall 2020 semester.
    • All students, including first year students, will have access to the Making Center Tool Check Out, and can reserve time slots on LibCal in select open work areas on campus.
    • Negative results from a Covid-19 test received within the past 8 days will be required for access in most cases.
    • Online consultation with MC staff will be required before (or in select instances, immediately after) making access reservations.
    • There are three types of resource access available:
            • On Campus Space / Equipment Use
            • Equipment Rental
            • Submission-Based Project Pick-Up

On Campus Space / Equipment Use Protocol

    • Step 1: Fill out Survey/Choose your building. Fill out the brief campus access survey to let us know what space you are interested in accessing.
    • Step 2: Get Tested. Follow the university’s updated testing protocols to get tested and submit your proof of completed COVID-19 test here no later than eight (8) business days after completing the test. Once you submit your negative test results, you will receive a confirmation email that you are approved to continue reserving campus spaces. (NOTE: If you do not plan to access the buildings regularly and would like to access a specialized service for one-time pickup, please see instructions below).
    • Step 3a: Visit the relevant Labs, Shops, and Studios page to schedule a Zoom consultation with Making Center staff.
    • Step 3b: At least 48 hours in advance of your intended visit to campus, Request a Reservation in the relevant lab, shop or studio on LibCal.
    • Step 4: Pass the daily symptom screening questionnaire.
    • Step 5: Come work! Shops will be open* with adjusted availability ranging from 12pm – 6pm Weekdays.

*Given a minimum staffing requirement to keep Making Center spaces open and safe to use, there may be emergencies that could cause cancellation or rescheduling of student reservations. Making Center staff will do our best to honor reservations but must respond to changes in staffing availability due to Covid-19 and other factors with the goal of ensuring the safety of our community members to the greatest extent possible under the circumstances. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

Equipment Rental Protocol

    • Step 1: Submit an online waiver (new students only)
            • If you are a new student, you may need to submit your online waiver to gain access to the Patron Portal. 
    • Step 2a: Request the equipment or tool at
            • Reservation requests must be made 48 hours in advance of coming to campus.
    • Step 2b: Make a technician consultation (if required).
            • Visit the relevant Labs, Shops, and Studios page, and click technician consultation. 
            • After the consultation has been completed, a technician will approve your reservation.
    • Step 4: Pass the daily symptom screening questionnaire.
    • Step 4: Pick up your equipment from the contactless pickup location provided.
            • Shops will be open with adjusted availability ranging from 12pm -6pm Weekdays.

Submission Based Pick-Up Protocol

Students making brief stops to pick up project work may follow this protocol. Keep in mind this ONLY allows building entry to pick up items, not to work any any spaces, and students must exit immediately following.

    • Step 1: View additional service offerings for the Laser lab, 3D print lab, milling in the CNC Machine Shop, and silk screen exposure in the Printshop.  Additional services will be added to the Design Lab and Durst Digital C Printing pages shortly.  Some services may have associated material costs.
    • Step 2: Make a tech consultation (if required), and submit your file.  Visit the relevant lab page via the links above, look for the flashing red button on the right-hand sidebar, and sign up for a tech consultation. The technician will guide you through testing and submitting your file for service. If a consultation is not required please access the service request form linked on the right hand side-bar of the page.
    • Step 3: Request a pickup time at least 48 hours in advance of coming to campus. After your tech consultation, request a seat via Libcal in the relevant area (Techs can go over details during consultations if you need assistance). This will allow you building access to retrieve your pickup. Keep an eye on your email for the reservation request approval. Requests will be denied if the tech consultation is not scheduled or completed. Some spaces require consultations to be completed before reservation approvals; others allow Libcal requests to be approved during the consultation.
    • Step 4:  Pass the daily symptom screening questionnaire. On the day of your reservation, you must fill out the daily MyHealth symptom-self screening questionnaire as outlined in the university’s updated testing protocols.  If you pass the screening, bring your daily pass, a face covering, and your New School ID with you to campus.
    • Step 5: Pick up your equipment/project/material from the contactless pickup location provided.  Shops will be open with adjusted availability ranging from 12pm -6pm Weekdays.

MC Spaces, Resources and Processes

    • Many Making Center labs, shops, and studios are being reorganized for the Fall semester. While they may look different, and may even be relocated, many of the same making processes will still be supported. Covid-19 interventions will be present in every space and will significantly affect capacity and workflow.
    • Please remember it is optional for students to work within the making spaces on campus, and should not be included in course requirements. All students, faculty, and staff must commit to the university’s Statement of Shared Responsibility.
    • Making Center staff have been working to curate and share useful resources, information and tutorials related to MC processes. Please visit our Online Resources site for a growing list of links.

Feedback/Administrative Questions

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