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3D Print Lab

2 W 13th St, 2nd Floor   •   Hours
Open to: all New School students who have had necessary training with equipment and processes

Looking for guides on how to use our 3D Scanners, different CAD programs or other useful tips related to 3D printing? You can find that and more in our 3D Print Prep & Repair hub.


3D printing orientations are mandatory for everyone, including faculty, planning to use any 3D printing services. Students and faculty can sign up for 3D printing orientations via the LibCal orientation page or by clicking the “Mandatory Orientation” button on this webpage. Due to our new policy and orientation structure, we will no longer be holding class orientations. Orientations will end on 3/15/2019.

Before you can print on any of our printers, you must make a 3D printing consultation through the Reservations Patron Portal. You cannot make a consultation without having taken the 3D printing orientation first.

For use of the 3D scanners at the 3D Print Lab, as well as 3D scanner consultation and orientations, please email us at 3dlab@newschool.edu.


The 3D Print Lab consists of a range of technological equipment, 3D scanners, haptic modeling devices and 3D printers. All 3D printing submissions must be done in person – email submissions will not be accepted.

Please check that your .STL files are error-free (we may decline them if they are not). See our 3D Print Prep & Repair hub for help preparing and fixing your 3D files. Working knowledge of CAD & 3D rendering or manufacturing programs (i.e. Solidworks, Rhino, Maya, Cinema 4D) is mandatory.

ProJet 3D Print

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• Structure 3D Scanner

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