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Design Lab

2 W 13th St, 10th Floor   •   Hours
Open to: all New School students




Open orientations for the Risograph is

Thursday the 19th at 12pm

Friday the 20th at 4pm


Open Vinyl cutter orientations this week are at

Tuesday the 17th at 12pm & 3pm


There will alot more orientation Next Week

Please arrive at the start time to attend the orientation

The Design Lab is a 2D digital production space and hub for student interaction and collaboration. We provide access to design tools, software, equipment, and printing services around the creative needs of all students. Students get to bring their own paper and experimental materials to print on our vast array of printers. Other that the basic printers like the laser and inkjet printers we have to offer access to specialty machines like the risograph printers, vinyl cutter, flatbed cutter, roll scanner, and UV Printer.

The lab specialize in commercial booklet production with access various binding methods and trained personnel who can assist you from per-post to post booklet production.  

This is also the only lab that allows you to bring your own paper stock. The lab does not provide any paper to students or faculty.

Make Reservations for printers here : Via Google Form 

For questions, consultations and making reservations for equipment, please email us. Please contact us at least two or more days in advance of when you need to use the lab.

Equipment that have been relocated are as follows :

Wacom Cintiqs – Moved to the 5th floor of the 66 West 13th building (to access them go down to the ERC (basement of the same building)  first to check out a cintiq pen)

Dragon Frame Set up – Moved to the 4th of the 2 west 13th street building (to access them go down to the ERC (see above)  first to check out the camera kit)

Mini Photography Station – Alternative to this service is at the ERC as well.

The Tajima Embroidery Machine –  Moved to the 2nd floor of the 2 West 13th street building under new management.

Related Equipment and Tools

• Wacom Tablet

• B&W LaserJet Printer

• Color LaserJet Printer

• Desktop Inkjet Printer

• Inkjet Plotter

• Risograph Printer

• Vinyl Cutter

• Vinyl Printer

• Photo Scanner

• Colortrac SmartLF SG 44 Wide Format Scanner

• Roland VersaUV LEF-200 UV Printer