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Dubied Machine Knitting Studio

63 Fifth Ave, 5th Floor   •   THIS WEEK: Room open Monday-Friday 9:30am-5pm, unless class is in session. We will post Weekend Open Hours within the next couple of weeks.
Open to: all New School students who have had necessary training with equipment and processes

The Dubied Machine Knitting Studio is located in room 519 of the University Center.

The Studio contains 12 Dubied Industrial non-electric knitting machines in a variety of gauges:

  • 2.5 gg x2
  • 3gg
  • 5gg x2
  • 7gg
  • 8gg x3
  • 10gg x2
  • 12gg

Accessories for use on the Dubied machines (e.g. combs, weights) are only accessible during class time and workshop hours by a faculty member or technician.

The knitting studio has shelves of free yarn available for student use. The studio is not supervised, students will be responsible for keeping the room neat and promptly reporting problems. For tool checkout or to see the technician, please visit the L2 Knit lab during Open Task Time hours.