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Embroidery Hub

2 W 13th St, 2nd Floor   •   Embroidery Access is by appointment only, for students who have completed an orientation. Appointments are not running through April 12.
Open to: all New School students who have had necessary training with equipment and processes

Please note: The Embroidery Hub will be closed until further notice. Please check hours page for the most up to date info. For the latest and most comprehensive information from The New School, visit

The Tajima TFMX series Embroidery Machines are industry standard mass digital embroiderers. These machines are used in professional and factory environments to create many high-quality identical copies of simple embroidery designs. The Making Center has a single and a double head machine. Most designs are produced on the single head machine. The double head is reserved for students who are looking to run identical embroideries simultaneously.

This machine is made to produce bold text and spot illustrative images on fabrics and other thin durable surfaces. It is not made to reproduce delicate and intricate hand embroideries. We recommend medium weight woven fabrics for a successful outcome. While thin fabrics are possible, the outcomes vary widely. 


2-hour machine appointments are available to those who have completed orientations. Orientations for the spring 2020 semester run through March 13th. 
If you completed an orientation prior to September 2017 you must retake an orientation.

Appointments can be booked via our LibCal link. Please note that booking an appointment does not guarantee a finished product.

Students can register for one (2 hour) appointment slot per week. 


What you must bring to your appointment:

  • Your ID, with the sticker on it from having completed an embroidery machine orientation.
  • Your own fabric; we provide you with the machine, standard thread colors (for specific colors you will need to purchase your own thread), needles, and backing.
  • Your design in the form of an Adobe Illustrator file. Ideally designs are within 4″x4″ or 10″x10″. The maximum size for an embroidery on the machine is 12.5″x15″.

To create a design with the maximum probability of success, please make sure to :

  • Watch the video linked at the right to learn how to format your design. Follow the directions carefully. Use headphones for best results.
  • Create your design in Adobe Illustrator
  • Have all your lines as shapes by going to : Object > Path > Outline Stroke
  • If you have any text make sure to : Type > Create Outlines,  to Make text into shapes.
  • Your entire design is a Vector not an image file.
  • Save your design at the size you intend to have embroidered
  • Colors should be limited to under 15. The fewer colors the higher the probability for success.
  • Text should not be smaller than 12 point for legibility.

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