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Fashion Open Studio

63 Fifth Ave, 429, 430 & 506   •   Open 7 days a week
Open to: all New School students

The main Fashion Open Studio is located at rooms 429 and 430 in the U Building at 63 Fifth Avenue. The rooms contain a variety of industrial sewing machines (26 in total), including plain stitch, zig-zag, pearl, serger, overlock, superlock, coverstitch, post machine, blind hem and walking foot sewing machines. The studio also contains over a dozen pattern/cutting tables, three ironing stations and a variety of female, male and child dressforms. The Fashion Open Studio in room 506 is smaller but contains most of the same amenities and is subject to the same rules.

The Fashion Open Studios are unsupervised and intended to serve the needs of students enrolled in the School of Fashion. During times of heavy use, we request students use no more than half of a pattern table and to claim a plain stitch machine only if they will be actively working on it. Sewing machines or tables left unattended for more than 30 minutes will risk having their belongings removed.

In case of a machine problem, please contact Alaina Zulli and Marla Miles via email at

For those interested in using the Tajima Embroidery machine, it is now located at the Graphics Lab. The embroidery machine is a useful tool for making your own designs in Adobe Illustrator and converting them into stitch pattens and patches on a variety of materials. Please follow the policies and rules provided there to use the machine.

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