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L2 Digital Knit Lab

2 W 13th St, 2nd Floor   •   Summer Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 1-5pm by Appointment only
Open to: all New School students who have had necessary training with equipment and processes

This facility reopens on Monday August 26

This lab is equipped with:

  • 1 Yarn Cone Winder
  • 1 Fine Gauge Hauge Linker
  • 1 Mid-Gauge Hauge Linker
  • 2 Bulky-Gauge Hauge Linkers
  • 1 Shima Seiki SRY183LPSV7 7 gg digital Knitting Machine (flat bed)
  • 1 Shima Seiki SWG091N2 10gg Digital Knitting Machine (Small Whole Garment)
  • 2 Shima Seiki SDS One Apex Computer Systems

The Shima Seiki digital knitting machines are complex tools that are limited to in-class use. Please contact Maya with questions about Shima Access. Any inquiries for class projects should be made a semester in advance.