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L2 Making Center Tool Checkout

2 W 13th St, Floor 2   •   Hours
Open to: all New School students

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The L2 Making Center Tool Checkout is a tool loan center that provides tool access to Parsons students within the 2w13th building, located on the second floor. Students are permitted to borrow tools within open hours, with a four-hour return policy (No overnight rentals are permitted, and tools must be returned an hour before closing). Tools provided by the L2 Tool Checkout must be used following all New School safety protocols and facility policies.

Students do not require orientation to rent tools, but while in their possession, are responsible for the condition and care of all tools including contents of a kit, or the accessories that are associated with them. At the time of rental, students should check the condition of all tools checked out. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the staff of any problems or concerns with the tool.

Tool reservation must be done in person, and late returns will result in an automatic, temporary hold of the user’s account.