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Laser Lab

25 E 13th St, 4th floor   •   Hours 
Open to: all New School students who have had necessary training with equipment and processes


Laser lab orientations are mandatory for everyone, including faculty, planning to use any the laser cutters. They will be held twice a day for the first three weeks of the semester, then on various days until the end of October. Students and faculty can sign up for laser lab orientations via the LibCal appointment list or clicking the “Mandatory Orientation” button on this webpage. Due to this high volume of orientations, we will not be holding class orientations for the semester.

Before you can use the laser cutters, you must make a 30 minute laser cutting consultation. This process can be done through the WebCheckout Patron Portal.

  • You cannot make a consultation without having taken an orientation first.
  • Please bring your Illustrator or AutoCAD file as well as all materials you plan to cut when attending a consultation.
  • Consultations do not guarantee immediate use of the laser cutters. You will either have to wait until a machine is free or until your scheduled use time.
  • There are no walk-in spots. Consultations are required before using the Laser Cutting Lab.


The Laser Cutting Lab consists of multiple laser cutters that can be used to cut and engrave a variety of materials. Students and faculty are required to complete an orientation before using the lab. Working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator or AutoCAD is strongly advised.

To use our Laser Cutters or the Epilog Large Format cutter, you must make a consultation through the WebCheckout Patron Portal. A consultation will review your file and materials, before scheduling your time to use the machines.

Always read the Laser Lab approved materials list and our lab rules and policies before using the Laser Lab or laser cutters.

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