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Light + Energy Lab

25 E 13th St, Room 304   •   Monday 8:30a-3p, Tuesday 5:30p-9p, Wednesday 8:30a-12p, Thursday 9a-11:30a, Friday 8:30-11a
Open to: all New School students who have had necessary training with equipment and processes

This lab is only open to curriculum only students.

The Light + Energy Lab is a space designed for light manipulation to simulate sunlight effects on architectural models. This can be done using our two primary tools – the Diffuse Sky Simulator and the Heliodon. The DSS is a large chamber that can be used to analyze diffuse light conditions and daylight factor, while the Heliodon can be used to analyze direct sunlight on an architectural model. Students must be trained by a lab technician to use either the DSS or the Heliodon.

The Heliodon is used to adjust the angles of a direct beam of light in relation to an architectural model to inform daylight studies.

The Heliodon is used to adjust the angles of a direct beam of light in relation to an architectural model to inform daylight studies.

Lighting Design Students may borrow lighting and electrical equipment for a period up to 2 weeks, or at the discretion of lab technicians. Visit during lab hours, or make an appointment to rent or return equipment. Requests made by non Lighting Design students to rent equipment rental may will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

The lab is a resource for SCE classes, assuming demand can be accommodated within staffing limitations. To book a lab tour, tutorial, or to reserve lab time for your class, contact a lab technician with the requested time and a brief description of requirements (equipment, technician help, projector, etc…).
For class projects where students are intended to use L+E lab resources, L + E Lab staff encourages collaboration and coordination between course faculty on specific support needs. On a case by case basis, L+E lab technicians can set aside specific equipment, reserve lab time for the duration of a project, or further customize lab offerings to your class.

Students and faculty affiliated with all programs of SCE may access the light lab facility and the respective tools, equipment and materials during scheduled lab hours. Specified blocks of time may be reserved for isolated use regarding class period meetings or individual use outside of class.
SCE faculty teaching lighting studio courses have privileged access to the reservation calendar. Other SCE faculty and students must submit requests to L+E Lab Technicians for consideration.  These requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
Time periods during SCE graduate studio course meetings (Tuesday and Thursday 12:10-5:50) are reserved for the MFA Lighting Design program only.  Special requests for access during these periods may be made but require special approval.
No single reservation may exceed a 3 hour block of time. Due to the high demand for lab access, use is limited to formal light related testing procedures. Thus, the lab should not be used for lecture, pin-up, critique, photographic documentation, or other course related purposes unless lab equipment is needed.

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