Recent Updates: Many Making Center spaces are currently open, with adjusted availability. Students retain their Spring 2020 access status;
no new orientations will be offered in Fall 2020. Learn more


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E4 Metal Shop

25 E 13th St, 4th floor   •   Hours
Open to: all New School students who have had necessary training with equipment and processes., all New School students who have taken the mandatory orientation.


Orientations will not be offered in the Fall Semester. Students who were oriented in the past will retain access.


E4 Virtual Open Hours

For new or returning students without existing authorization and/or interested in project planning or design, we offer our E4 Virtual Open Hours to address any questions, concerns, and advice for home projects.

*Note Calendar only works for those with an active New School account*



E4 Technician Consultation

Speak with one of the E4 Technicians to Assist students with their projects and guide them towards the best Shop Space to accomplish their goals. Must come prepared with initial drawings, dimensions, and, material list.



E4 Metal Shop Reservation

All authorized students intending to use shop resources MUST make shop reservations on LIBCAL. The Technician Consultation Appointment Calendar will appear once you complete your reservation in LibCal

  Note: Reservations MUST be made 48 hours in advance.  *
*In the event, you need to cancel or change your booking, (barring emergency) please do so at least 48 hours prior to your current booking. This way it allows another student to sign up for the slot.  Failure to do so can result in you losing your booking access for the week. Please reach out if you have any question




At this time we are not accepting outside material. The material can be purchased from the E4 Material Store. Please confirm your purchase with the technician during your virtual consultation.

This lab is for advanced users.

Only continuing students who already have done orientation can use the shop. Second, third, and fourth-year Parsons students, as well as graduate students, will be permitted to use the E4 Metal Shop after training. Students are responsible for understanding all safety protocol and policy of the facility regarding etiquette, approved material use, required safety equipment / PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and proper equipment use.

The shop is equipped with multiple tools such as belt grinders, MIG welders, Oxy-Acetylene tanks, and a CNC Plasma Cutter, among others. The shop is primarily designed for use of ferrous metals, though we also have a non-ferrous metals area within the shop for finer metal-working and jewelry projects. If you are interested in purchasing materials (Angle Iron, Flat Stock, Sheet Steel, etc.) for use in the shop, please visit the E4 Material Resale Center.

Additional hand tools and accessories are available for loan through the E4 Tool Checkout.



  • Please wear leather boots. No open toe shoes, heels or sneakers allowed.
  • Must wear long jeans (no shorts).
  • No synthetic, frays, fur
  • All long hair must be tied back.
  • All hanging accessories must be removed.


Related Equipment and Tools

• Cold Saw Doringer D 300

• Burr King Model 960-400 Two Wheel Belt Grinder

• Kalamazoo Model s 272 Square Wheel Belt Grinder

• MIG (GMAW) Millermatic 252

• TIG (GTAW) Miller Syncrowave 180 SD

• Oxy-Acetylene Torch

• CNC PlasmaCam/Plasma Cutter Miller Spectrum 875

• Hand-Held Plasma Cutting Torch

• Metal Bandsaw

• Rod Brake

• Drill Press