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Metal Shop

25 E 13th St, 4th floor   •   E4 Metal Shop temporarily closed for necessary renovations on ventilation system. Closed through August 18th.
Open to: all New School students who have had necessary training with equipment and processes

Summer Training now available! Schedule here. Please sign-up here.

Participating shops:

  • E4Metal Shop
  • CNC/Machine Shop
  • 3D Printing Lab
  • Laser Cutting Lab

Only continuing students who already have done training can use the shop. 

The shop is equipped with a cold saw, metal bandsaw, rod brake, drill presses, belt grinders, MIG welders, TIG welders, Oxy-Acetylene tanks, a hand-held plasma cutting torch, and a CNC Plasma Cutter.  The shop is primarily designed for use of ferrous metals, though there is also a non-ferrous metals area within the shop for finer metal-working and jewelry projects. Additional hand tools and accessories are available for loan through the E4 Tool Checkout. Second, third, and fourth year Parsons students, as well as graduate students, are permitted to use the metal shop once they have completed the Intro to Metal training and have received their anvil sticker.

Metal Fabrication Classroom

Metal Fabrication Classroom

Students are responsible for understanding all safety protocol and policy of the facility regarding etiquette, approved material use, required safety equipment / PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and proper equipment use. The shop is staffed with technicians during all open hours and student technical assistants on evenings and weekends to provide instructional support.

If you are interested in purchasing materials (Angle Iron, Flat Stock, Sheet Steel, etc.) for use in the E4 Metal Shop, please visit the E4 MATERIAL RESALE CENTER.

Dress Code:

*Please wear leather boots. No open toe shoes or heels allowed. No fabric sneakers such as converse.
*Must wear long jeans (no shorts). No synthetic, frays, fur
*All long hair must be tied back.
*Necklaces and bracelets must be removed.


CNC Plasma Cutting.

CNC Plasma cutting is open to all students. However, students must have taken Metal Shop Training to further manipulate the cut metal within the E4 Metal Shop facility.

We have updated the process for submitting CNC jobs. Please read the CNC Plasma Cam File Submission Process document and the CNC Plasma Cam FAQs document, linked on the right column of this page.

During our consultation hours, you can stop by to consult with a technician. We’ll help you decide if CNC Plasma Cutting is right for your project, and then we can help process files to be submitted.

Consultation hours will be M-F 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Please keep in mind that once a job is submitted, it will take at least 3 to 4 business days to cut. During mid-terms and finals, the queue can be quite long.

The CNC Plasma Cutting queue can be viewed here.