Please make sure any work in the Making Center open work areas (L2, N2) is cleaned up, labeled, and stored properly when you have completed work.


Physical Computing


L2 Knit Lab

Labs, Shops, and Studios

Printmaking Studio

2 W 13th St, Lower Level   •   Please see the open hours under forms and documents
Open to: all New School students who have had necessary training with equipment and processes

The Print shop houses resources and equipment for a range of printmaking processes, including lithography, etching, relief, letterpress, and screenprint, as well as equipment for bookbinding.

Print Shop & Silkscreen

Print Shop & Silkscreen

The Print shop is open to students currently enrolled in a Printmaking course in addition to students who have previously taken a printmaking course. Students who have previously taken a printmaking course who are not currently enrolled in a class are required to take an orientation to utilize the facilities. Orientations will be running from September 5th- October 2nd.  Open hours for the facility are listed under forms and documents.


To Book time on a printing press, follow the link here.

Related Equipment and Tools

• Vandercook SP-20

• Charles Brand Etching Presses

• French Tool Etching Press

• Charles Brand Lithography Presses

• Exposure Unit and Vacuum Frame

• EXcono Plate Exposure Unit

• Rhinotech Washout Booth