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Specialty Sewing Lab

63 Fifth Ave, 518   •   Summer 2018 Hours: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Open to: all New School students

NOTE: Summer open hours will be in effect June 5th-August 16. 

The Specialty Sewing Lab, located at 63 Fifth Avenue and is equipped with 25+ machines for garment finishing and special materials construction. All machines are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  For a full list of machines found in the studio see below.

Free fabric is available in the Specialty Sewing Lab for student projects. Students are welcome to come by anytime during our open hours to swatch the available fabrics. Once you have swatched your desired fabric(s), please submit a request to Please be aware that approvals for this process can take up to 4 business days. Your request should including the following:

  • Course Title
  • Instructor
  • Project
  • Yardage Required (Needed for each fabric being requested)
  • Image/snapshot of Fabric(s) (Needed for each fabric being requested)

Some of the machines in the Specialty Sewing Studio require orientations or appointments to use. For a list of all of the machines available at the Specialty Sewing Studio, see below. The following equipment can only be used after taking the appropriate orientation beforehand:

  • Picoetta Edge aka Faggoting Machine
  • Picot Edge aka Hem Stitch Machine
  • Edge Skiving Machine

For all machine orientations scheduling, click the Mandatory Training sign-up button to the above right.

Threading Diagrams are available for the below machines:


NEW! Please see our FAQ for School of Fashion Faculty.

Related Equipment and Tools

• Superlock Machine

• Overlock Machine

• Purl Edge Machine

• Flatbed Coverstitch Machine

• 3-Step Machine

• Double Needle Machine

• Chainstitch Machine

• Sonobond SeamMaster (Ultrasonic Welding Machine)

• Blind Hem Machine

• Hemstitch (aka Picot Edge) Machine

• Picoetta (aka Faggoting) Machine

• Heat Press

• Walking Foot Leather Machine

• Cylinder Bed Walking Foot Machine

• Post Machine

• Edge Skiving Machine

• Fur Machine (“A” style)

• Fur Machine (“B” Style)

• Baby Hem Attachment (for Plain Stitch Machine)

• Bias Binding Attachment (for Plain Stitch Machine)

• Bias Binding Attachment (for Coverstitch Machine)

• Channel Attachment (for Double Needle Machine)

• Ruffler Attachment (for Plain Stitch machine)