In response to COVID-19, all Making Center spaces are closed for the rest of the semester. Follow this link for updates and remote resources from the Making Center.


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Specialty Sewing Lab

63 Fifth Ave, 518   •   Hours
Open to: all New School students who have had necessary training with equipment and processes

Please note: The Specialty Sewing Lab will be closed until further notice. Please check hours page for the most up to date info. For the latest and most comprehensive information from The New School, visit

The Specialty Sewing Lab, located at 63 Fifth Avenue and is equipped with 25+ machines for garment finishing and special materials construction. All machines are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Machines requiring orientations are noted below. There is no general orientation required to use the Lab.

Free fabric is available in the Specialty Sewing Lab for student projects. Students are welcome to come by anytime during our open hours to swatch the available fabrics. Once you have swatched your desired fabric(s), please submit a request to Please be aware that approvals for this process can take up to 2 business days. Your request should including the following:

  • Course Title
  • Instructor
  • Project
  • Yardage Required (Up to 5 yards)
  • Image/snapshot of Fabric(s) (Needed for each fabric being requested)

How To Resources:

The Juki Plainstitch Basic User Guide goes over how to set up and use a Plainstitch Machine, as well as common sewing issues and how to fix them.

Threading Diagrams are available for the below machines:

The lab also contains:

  • Bernina Red Domestic Machine *in-room use only
  • Singer 4411 Domestic Machine**
  • Sonobond Ultrasonic Welder
  • Picot *orientation required
  • Bartack *orientation required
  • Heat Press (General)
  • 2-needle Chainstitch (Denim Class)
  • 3-needle Chainstitch (Denim Class)
  • Heat Press (Swarovski Class)
  • Fly Press (Swarovski Class)

**PLEASE NOTE: Orientations for Singer Domestic Machines take place outside of L2 Tool Checkout on Wednesdays at 3pm. Register HERE. Orientations are required to use the Singer machines.