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Still Picture & Motion Capture Studio

66 Fifth Ave, Basement   •   Offline Due to 2 W 13th St. Building Closure
Open to: all New School students who have had necessary training with equipment and processes

*Due to the electrical fire, The Still Picture and Motion Capture Studio (MoCap) is offline until further notice.*

The Still Picture & Motion Capture Studio is equipped with an OptiTrack mo-cap system and a retractable 12′ wide seamless background holder, the studio allows for a range of digital production including virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, video game design, digital animation, dynamic projection mapping, data visualization, live performance, and photography. Photographic equipment includes: ProFoto strobes and base grip equipment including c-stands, grip arms, umbrellas, and gray, white, and black seamless.

Please Note: Only students enrolled in certain classes will have access at this time. All students working in the space will have to go through an orientation session and a one-on-one training workshop as well as the completion of several homework assignments (with a technician) before they can book the studio. Pop-up studio kits available for check-out to students through the ERC. The pop-up studio kit includes a background stand and the choice of white or black backdrop. Students can additionally reserve a variety of continuous lights and full-frame DSLRs.




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