On Campus Space / Equipment Availability

Open work space in the Making Center is currently accessible for all Parsons students who have submitted the required testing. As noted under Eligibility and Requirements, students are limited to one building for reserving space, and the use of most on-campus tools and equipment requires prior orientation or training.

The following spaces/equipment are available to all students, including first year students: 

The following spaces are open to students who have already gone through the mandatory orientation and necessary training: 

The following spaces are closed until further notice: 

Reserve Seats for individual project work (task time)

Additionally, certain spaces are available for students to reserve a seat for open work/task time. Buildings with seats for task time include:

  • 25 East 13th Street (Parsons East Building)
  • 2 West 13th Street (Sheila C. Johnson Design Center)
  • 66 Fifth Avenue (Sheila C. Johnson Design Center)
  • 63 Fifth Avenue (University Center)

View available seats by selecting PSD Studio Task Time Seats via the LibCal portal. Once you have chosen your building and gotten tested (follow steps 1 and 2 below), you may reserve available seats via the LibCal portal.

On Campus Space / Equipment Use Protocol

Initial entry requirements to access the campus:

Step 1: Fill out Survey/Choose your building. Fill out the brief campus access survey to let us know what space you are interested in accessing.

Step 2: Get Tested.  As outlined in the Return to Campus plan, all students who will be on campus regularly or work for an extended period of time in the Making Center are required to have a “re-entry” diagnostic test when they come to campus. Follow the university’s testing protocols and submit your proof of completed COVID-19 test here within seven (7) days of your desired campus space reservation. Once you submit your negative test results, you will receive a confirmation email that you are approved to continue reserving campus spaces.  

NOTE: The university may also periodically conduct “random testing” with students to determine if there is any spread within the community. Students will receive notification from the Student Health Center if they are required to take a diagnostic test during the semester.

Before each visit, make sure to follow the steps below:

Step 3: Schedule a Technician Consultation. After getting tested and at least 48 hours before your intended visit, click on the relevant campus space listed above, and sign up for a tech consultation. During the consultation, you can discuss your project, make your space reservation, and get any questions answered before your visit.  Depending on the space, you can also book tools and buy materials you may need for the day of your visit. Once you’ve finished your consultation you’ll be cleared to finalize your space reservation in LibCal.

NOTE: Open workspaces in the Sheila C. Johnson Center at 66 Fifth Avenue/2 West 13th Street (N2/L2) and in the 25 East 13th Street building (E4) do not require tech consultations. You can book these spaces directly via Libcal, and will receive a notification that you are approved to come work.

Step 4: Pass the daily symptom screening questionnaire. On the day of your reservation, you must fill out the daily MHealth symptom-self screening questionnaire (follow the instructions on the Student COVID-19 FAQ). If you pass the screening, bring your daily pass, a face covering, and your New School ID with you to campus.

Step 5: Come work! Shops are currently open* with adjusted availability (see hours).

*Given a minimum staffing requirement to keep Making Center spaces open and safe to use, there may be emergencies that could cause cancellation or rescheduling of student reservations. Making Center staff will do our best to honor reservations but must respond to changes in staffing availability due to Covid-19 and other factors with the goal of ensuring the safety of our community members to the greatest extent possible under the circumstances. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

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