In response to COVID-19, all Making Center spaces are closed for the rest of the semester. Follow this link for updates and remote resources from the Making Center.

Remote Resources

Updated April 20, 2020

Thank you for visiting the Making Center Remote Resources and Covid-19 response page. For New School wide updates see

The Making Center staff have been working to curate and share useful resources, information and tutorials related to MC processes. Please visit our Online Resources site for a growing list of links.

Click Here For Making Center Online Resources

MC Updates

  • All Making Center spaces (including all labs, shops, and studios listed on the website) are closed through the end of the semester. 
  • There will be no penalty for items that could not be returned by the original return time due to the cancelation of all campus activities.  Making Center staff will contact people with late checkouts at a later date to provide more information.
  • All orders that were processed and not picked up will be refunded.
  • Any items left in the space will remain safely stored.  Plans for access will be communicated at a later date, once we can ensure the safety of staff and people retrieving items.
    If you have any specific concerns about items you have stored in a space, you can reach out to the manager of the space.
  • During this time, Making Center staff will be working remotely during the hours of 9am – 6pm EST.  We will respond to inquiries as soon as we are able during these hours.

Online Questions/Consultations

  • Making Center staff, including technicians and managers, will be offering remote support
  • Students and faculty may ask questions and request consultation regarding projects/questions typically addressed onsite in the MC by filling out the following form:

Remote Support Request Form

Feedback/Administrative Questions

Form for General MC Questions