Hannah Mishin - Technician, Prototyping Shop

Hannah is a tangible technologist, an artist whose practice encompasses a variety of media. She was originally trained as a painter. as her work evolved into a practice rooted in philosophical investigations, she became more and more fascinated by how we physically receive stimuli and how those stimuli are calibrated in our consciousness.  Her work has been shown in museums, galleries and exhibitions. Hannah has given talks at universities and spoken on panels about art, making and hacking. She has had just about every kind of job on the planet, from roofer to tattoo apprentice – electronics assembly to robotics technician. A New Yorker with a keen adventurer sensibility, Hannah has jumped off of thirty foot piers into the Adriatic. She’s navigated the Marshrutka schedule of the Caucasuses and gotten lost in a deserted Japanese farm town. She’s skydived into the southern plains and explored abandoned sites all over the world. Her passion for adventuring is only parallel with her passion for creating as, to her, the two are the same. She’s synced motors, has used computer code to make objects and has made objects code computers. Hannah has trained herself to draw like a photograph and photograph like a drawing. She has spent her entire life thinking about how things connect, connote, express and relate, both in life and in the work she makes.