Fall 2019 Student Worker Hiring

Saar Shemesh - Technician, Ceramics & Wet Shop, Wood/Metal

Saar Shemesh is a sculptor and a swimmer. She was born in the heat of the summer to Israeli-immigrants in New York City and has been living and working here ever since. She attended CUNY Brooklyn College before going onto complete her BFA at Cooper Union’s School of Art. She has attended the SOMA Summer Residency Program wheres she researched contemporary art in Mexico City, and was a Hot Metal Artist in residence casting iron at Franconia Sculpture Park in Shafer, Minnesota. She has worked in farms, fabrication and furniture shops, as an educator, instructor, artist assistant, floor manager, and as a craftsperson. Her work leans on labor-intensive processes and material agency in order to situate itself in relationship to questions of control, (in)stability and queerness. She employs modular construction techniques and mold-making in order to create a logic of expansion and contraction, engineering collapsible forms that could go on forever or be created over and over again. Through these repetitive methods, she seeks to address touch and support — making objects and using materials that act as intermediaries between our human bodies and the world outside our skin.